• 1. Data and privacy
  • 1.1 Minute5 collect user information from the client so as to aid in the whole process of shopping. This information is used to know how to contact you and get your orders processed and delivered to you.
    1.2 Minute5 collects user’s names, email addresses, phone numbers and address so as to make your shopping experience specifically tailored for you.
    1.3 Minute5 doesn’t share, copy or outsource users’ information to anyone or third party applications.
    1.4 Minute5 has security measures put in place to protect users’ information, however, it’s not liable for wrongly recorded data or multiple duplication of user accounts and Minute5 has the right to suspended your account indefinitely until a clear reason is ascertained so as to address the issue at hand.
  • 2. Orders
  • 2.1 Orders are received within the official working hours which are from 7:00am to 7:00pm throughout the weekdays. Orders made past this time will be attended to the following day as first priority. Minute5 however opens at 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays and public holidays.
    2.2 Since Minute5 aims at delivering orders in the shortest time possible, delivery will be done as soon as the order is confirmed by one of our agents and the delivery time is between 20minutes to an hour. Any delay in delivery should be notified to the information desk through the feedback section.
    2.3 Delivery is done within the specified locations as listed by Minute5 and in case your locations doesn’t exist on the system, you will have to send your appeal through the contact us section in order to get a response from Minute5. Failure to adhere to the specified locations of delivery will lead to a fine payable on delivery.
    2.4 There is no limit on the amount of quantity of client’s orders. The minimum order is 0UGX.
  • 3. Products Delivered
  • 3.1 In case of insufficient groceries delivered centrally to the ones ordered, the company is liable for any extra expenses in ensuring that the client is satisfied with the service.
    3.2 A client will not be able to cancel or change an order 15 minutes after the initial order has been made.
    3.3 All groceries delivered should be fresh as approved by Minute5. In case of client dissatisfaction, Minute5 is open to complaints as this will help to improve the service.
    3.4 Minute5 delivers produce from markets and farms in Uganda so as to support and raise the farming culture with Uganda. Minute5 ensures that the produce is safe for consumption and fresh by the time it is dispatched for delivery. Minute5 doesn’t hold account for actions that happen after delivery and will not be liable for complaints that concerning food poisoning, gone bad produce or damaged groceries after the payment is done.
    3.5 Minute5 strictly delivers major fast moving consumable goods from groceries to other confectionaries.
  • 4. Payment options
  • 4.1 Minute5 supports the most prominent methods of payment i.e. cash, mobile money and credit cards.
    4.2 Payment for the client’s order is made on delivery and if its cash, it is handed over to the Minute5 agent or if its mobile money/ credit card, the agent will initiate the payment and the user will have to authorise the transaction of the money.
    4.3 A receipt will be provided to the client through an email to show the client’s order and other particulars of the order.